The Moon's Tooth

A story of discovery and play by Matt Moser-Clark, illustrated by George O'Shaughnessy

To raise some money for The Hospital Rooms, we have produced 2 limited editions of pages from the book.

These drawings are limited edition Risograph printed by Oxford grassroots’ publishing group Common Books, who facilitate workshops, that inspire and flourish creatively, performances and publications.


All profits from the sale of these prints will support the work of the Hospital Room.

3 colour Risograph

21 x 42 cm

Signed and numbered bottom right



An edition of 35 prints are available of each image



Artist Tim A Shaw and curator Niamh White founded Hospital Rooms after a close friend was sectioned and admitted to a mental health hospital.


On visiting her, they were shocked to find that the hospital environment was cold and clinical at a time when she was so vulnerable.


Having worked in the arts for 10 years each, they felt they had the skills and community to be able to transform these spaces with high quality artworks.


In 2016, Dr Emma Whicher (now one of Hospital Rooms’ trustees) gave them the opportunity to run their first project at the Phoenix Unit, a rehabilitation unit for people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia.


They commissioned Nick Knight, Gavin Turk, Assemble among other world class artists to work with patients and staff to create site specific artwork for the ward. The project received national press attention and Hospital Rooms has been inundated with requests for projects ever since.

Story Palace

Story Palace brings together writers, artists and performers to create new content audio stories for children.

Every element of every story is donated, from the text to the performance to the illustrations and the music, to the blending of all these elements to produce a finished audio piece.

Story Palace is built out of love; love for stories, for communication and for kindness, love for those who know in their hearts that imagination is what makes us human, what connects us with others and what will carry us through. It came out of a conversation between three organisations, all of whom share the same vision, Oxfordshire Kindness Wave, Ark-T and Novel Entertainment.

Story palace has kindly turned The Moon's Tooth into an audio book which is available on YouTube via the link below.

  © 2020 Matt Moser-Clark