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The Oak Tree - Limited edition risograph
  • The Oak Tree - Limited edition risograph


    This is the first printed edition of The Oak Tree and has been specially produced in risograph by


    limited edition of 100


    All profits from the sale of this special edition will do to the Foundling Museum and all books purchased will be sent out at the end of July 2021


    Dedicated to those who wish to find peace

    I wrote this poem last year, when an oak tree in my parents’ garden had come to the end of its life and was ready to be felled. It wasn’t an old tree, maybe 30 years or so, yet I had shared much of my time on this planet with that single solitary fellow.

    I have been incredibly lucky in my life. I have travelled, wished, dreamt, cried, lost, hoped and been dismayed. Yet in all that time the tree sat in the corner of the garden rooted to its place, watching the world go by and simply, being a tree.  

    I cannot pretend that this particular tree was unique to me; I did not spend my days nurturing the soil around its roots, shading in its bower or making sure it had water in times of drought. Yet in these unusual times, when the world is changed and we may feel uncertain of the future, I wonder if we may look to the nature of such a tree and learn from its stillness.

    I believe in stillness, and that through stillness comes peace.

    I believe in gratitude, and that through gratitude comes love.

    For in a time when we may feel separated from who we are, may we also remember that in every acorn there is an oak tree, quietly waiting. So please send the story to those who you feel would enjoy it, as this is a time of giving what we can, to make the experience of others just that little bit easier.






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      If you are not happy with your purchase then please get in touch at mail(at) to discuss the return. However this is a special edition and avaliable for a limited time so returns are generally only acceptable if it is defective upon delivery.


      The Oak tree

      Text by Matt Moser-Clark and illstrated by George O'Shaughnessy, first online edition first published in 2020. Second (printed) edition first published in 2021. Text copyright Matt Moser-Clark 2019, artwork copyright George O'Shaughnessy 2019. Designed and printing by All rights reserved.

      All Profits from the sale of this special edition of The Oak Tree will go to the Foundling Museum.

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